What is WordPress?

A brief and direct to the point reply to “What is WordPress?” . Having an online presence had never been easier. First, you need to know Why? and How?

Why Do You Ask?

You will be asking this question “What is WordPress?” when you start to look for a place for your ideas in the www arena under the sun of digital online life.

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Logo-One-Of-the-Simple-WaysHere you will find a brief direct to the point reply. Although you can find a YouTube video answering this question in brief together with the steps to install a free local version on your computer to start practicing and understanding more below.

Answer+ Step-By-Step Installation Guide.
To Answer our Question “What is WordPress?”, let we start by some facts:
  • It is behind 1/3 of the websites
  • WordPress is here since 2003 and developing
  • It is an easy starting point when you don’t have programming experience
  • WordPress is open-source software that you can customize if you have programming experience again, this is not a must.
  • It has a +50,000 plugins. Plugins are apps that add more features to your installation. Many great plugins are free.
  • WordPress is the dominant result in the SERP when you ask about site-building or starting a blog or CMS (Content Management System)
  • Many blogs, training courses, and services are offered around WordPress installation and customization

Most Probably one or more of these reasons made this question pop-up into your mind and that’s a brief answer:

WordPress is a software or application used to generate webpages for any niche and for any application. Including but not limited to: Blogs -which is the original reason for creating it-, eCommerce sites, music and video sites including Sony, news websites, forums, learning websites and the list extends.

Simply, any website which needs to include content whether it is written, visual or audible that envolves visitor interactions or not can be built using WordPress without any prior programming experience.

What is WordPress?
Which software is used to build WordPress?

The software is mainly written in PHP programming language that is used to develop websites whether static, dynamic or web applications. It uses MySQL as Database to store the website data of the content and the users. PHP needs to run on a server and so does WordPress but, you can install a local server on your computer to emulate the server-side that holds the DataBase and interacts with. Then PHP and the data collected are interpreted to HTML and CSS and passed to your web browser to display it for you.

Where to install WordPress?

When you want to go online with your website, you will need to buy a domain name and hosting. This can be done through WordPress itself on its website which is a giant WordPress installation in origin. This also can be done through many other websites that provide guided WordPress installations i.e. you work through their design and select out of the offered alternatives which are many and well designed.

Another option is when you purchase a domain name and hosting online from Namecheap as an example that can install and run WordPress on its hosting server and you start customizing or even tunning the code itself.

We had a step-by-step demo of who to install Word Press on your Local Machine in the post:

We had a step-by-step demo of who to install Word Press online in the post :

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