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Style Your Post, Part II

From the Easy WordPress Tutorials we continue with Style your Post Part II. It includes explanation for Blocks, Quotes, layouts and tables.

In Part I of Style Your Post, we had covered a lot of items as the image insertion, links, cover photo or color as the background of your paragraph, headings and post summary or excerpt.

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You can find Part I video in the Easy WordPress Tutorials

This Post will focus on:
  • The concept of Blocks
  • Customization for each block
  • Quotes
  • Need to insert downloadable files?
  • Want to show your data in tables?
  • How to change the writing layout for the complete post or part of it
• The concept of Blocks

 Every element on a post or page has its own block  You can customize each block individually and, they will appear in the editor the way they’ll look on your actual site. That’s a great tool to Style Your Post. Blocks can be grouped to generate discrete sections of the same page or post. Grouping occurs naturally also when you select a multi-column layout, each column is a separate group.

• Customization for each block
  1. is the toolbar with the general controls of the block and the mostly used specific control
  1. is the sidebar which includes all the block specific controls even those that are not commonly used

• Insert a Quote

Quotes are short paragraphs that convey a message and, are widespread among humans so they are familiar to the reader of your post and conveys a message once read. It prepares the audience for the post if its position is in the beginning and makes the post familiar to them. Even if the reader is faced with this quote for the first time, it is loaded with the energy of the millions who had resonated with it. When placed within your essay, it serves to support your point of view at this instance.

That’s why we should be aware of any quote we use that it will have an impact on the reader. So, make it an intended one and serve a purpose or a message you want to convey and not only it appeals to you. Quotes help to style your post as well as add familiarity to your ideas.

Quotes in WordPress comes in two formats.

Default, where text size is normal and it has a liner at the left side

Large, where the text is Bold but, no left liner

Both of them have a citation to write the quote author or link to its source

• Downloadable files

That’s where you gift your readers, first-time visitors, subscribers a downloadable item. Usually, it is a PDF file that contains either extra information or the content of the page in an organized format rather than copying or printing the page. That’s a great tool for marketing and WordPress had made it super easy.

  1. Click on the ‘+’ sign it opens a menu to select your block. In the first part comes your recently used blocks then comes other submenus. Under ‘common blocks’ you will find ‘File’
  2. When you click on it you will be asked to select your file. This file will be uploaded to your website and stored there.
  1. Then, it places a block with the name of the file and a download button beside it. Every time a visitor clicks on the button it opens an explorer menu to select where to download
• Place your data in a table
  1. From the ‘formating’ submenu after you press ‘+’, Select a table
  2. Insert the number of rows and column
  3. Select one of the 2 formats, default plan or striped.
• How to change the post layout?
  1. Select Column from ‘Layout elements’ submenu after clicking on plus_sign
  2. Choose the columns layout from the 5 options available
  1. Each Column is a separate workplace where you can add any block
  2. Whatever column layout you select from the 5 options, stop at any column of them and you can freely change its width from the side tab
  1. Each Column is a separate workplace where you can add any block
  2. Whatever column layout you select from the 5 options, stop at any column of them and you can freely change its width from the side tab

We had displayed the commonly used blocks in Post I and this Post II. You can see a list of most of the available blocks below

Common BlocksFormattingLayout ElementsWidgetEmbed
Custom HTML
Page Break
Media & Text
Group (new)
Latest Comments
Latest Posts
Tag Cloud
& many more
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