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Explore the Picture Frame Filter – Part I

In this tutorial we shall Explore in details the Picture Frame Filter:

  • Set your working space
  • Explore the Picture Frame Filter
  • Picture Frame Filter Settings:
    • Frame (Design)
    • Margin and Size
    • Arrangement
    • Flowers and Leaves
    • Advanced
      • Number of Lines
      • Thickness
      • Angle
      • Fade
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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Step 1, Set your working space

  • Create a new File 1000pxX1000px 72 px/inch resolution
  • ctrl+0 to zoom in to the screen
  • ctrl+shift+n to create a new layer
  • Make the foreground color black black foreground
  • Use the bucket fill tool Paint Bucket tool to fill the new layer with black color

Step 2, Explore the Picture Frame Filter

  • Then, menu>Filter>Render>Picture Frame
  • Photoshop keeps the definitions for the Picture frame relate to the Vine Word Definition = “A climbing or trailing woody-stemmed  Plant related to the grapevine”
  • You can see those vine parts correlate with those settings of the Picture Frame Filter as in the Figure – 1. to the bottom left corner..
  • Figure 2 Shows you an example of an applied
  • The Picture Frame tool as the name denotes is primarily intended to add a frame to your picture
  • However you can see some creative usage as below Figure 3, 4 & 5
PS Picture  Frame settings applied
Figure – 2
Vine parts vs Picture Frame Settings
Figure – 3 – door
leafغ gate-2
Figure – 4 – Leafy Gate
picture frame-2
Figure – 5 – Illustration Frame

Picture Frame Styling -1: Frame (Design)

This setting is used to select the base of the frame we are going to tune the settings for. There are are different types of frames. Some Types of frames uses all the vine elements Vine (Stem), Leaf, flower, and even in the advanced settings tap you find: Vine (stem) number of lines and size in the bases

  • Frames from 1 to 35 are floral models Figure – 6
    • Some Types of frames uses all the vine elements Vine (Stem), Leaf and, flower as 16-Bushes & 11-Eyelash
    • Some are only vines and flowers as 6-Tilde and 9-Wisps
    • Some has no vines as 25-Snowflakes
    • Each one has 200 arrangements that changes the basic sizes of the vines, leaves and flowers and their flowers
  • Frames from 36 until the end (48) are solid frames Figure – 7
    • Frames from 36 to 41 don’t have arrangements
      • However on the Advanced Tap, you can change the number of lines, thickness and corner angles
    • Frames from 42 to 48
      • has 200 arrangement presets for each
      • Besides, the angle and lines setting in the Advanced tap
      • They son’t have the Thickness option available
      • Except for Frame 42 where angle settings are not available
floral forms examples
Figure 6 – Floral Frames Examples
Figure – 7 – Solid Frames Examples
Solid forms examples
Figure – 7 – Solid Frames Examples

Picture Frame Styling -2: Margin and Size

In Figure – 8, You can see How the margin and size values work

  • The Margin is the distance between the center of frame and the edge of the picture or layer even empty. increasing the margin concentrates the frame in the center. See Figure – 9
  • The size is the width of the frame. See figure – 10
  • Algorithms generate the frame based on the Frame Filter Basic and Advanced Setting with a target to leave empty space in the middle. Some settings as in Figure – 10, pushes the frame to fill the layer. It is a mix between size, margin, angle and arrangement. Its target is to generate a creative designs as in Figures 10, 11 and 7.
  • NOTE: same settings brings different effects on different frame. Figures 11 and 12 has same settings but different frames 9,43
size and margin
Figure 8 – Basic Size and amrging
margin - examples
Figure -9 – Margin Settings examples
size - examples
Figure -10 – Size Settings examples
Frame - 9 - Wisps - filling screen-2
Figure -11 – Settings to fill the work place frame 9
Frame -43 - filling same screen-settings
Figure 12 – Same Figure 11 settings but frame 43

Picture Frame Styling -3: Arrangement

  • Arrangement setting changes the algorithm keeping all other settings the same
  • For Frames from 1 to 35 with floral models, it changes the arrangement of vines, leaves and flowers. See Figure 13
  • For Frames 36 to 41, Arrangement setting is not available
  • For Frames from 42 to 47 with solid models, it changes the shades and bevel effects keeping other settings fixed. See Figure 14
arrangement - frame 11 -examples
Figure – 13 – arrangement – frame 11 -examples
arrangement - frame 43- examples
Figure – 14 – arrangement – frame 43- examples

Picture Frame Styling -4: Flowers and leaves

  • This adds another level of freedom and creativity for the frames from 1 to 35
  • You have for each frame which is capable of having flowers an leaves as 20-roots:
    • 22 flower shapes, 1-100 flower sizes, 48 basic color
    • 23 leave shapes, 1-100 leave sizes, 48 basic colors
    • Infinite custom colors
  • Applying little Math you have
    • 22X100X48X23X100X48 = 11 billion probability
    • Figures 15 & 16 shows only 2 of them
flowers and leaves-2
Figure – 15
flowers and leaves-3
Figure – 16

Picture Frame Styling -5: Advanced

It has the following 4 settings:

  • Number of lines, available only for frames 36 to 47 (Solid frames)
  • Thickness
    • Available for solid frames from 36 to 47 except 42
    • Available for some floral Frames from 1 to 35 based on the availability of vein in the drawing. e.g. for 16-Bush not available, for 20-roots available See figure – 17 & 18 below
  • Angle, Available for all frames except 42
  • Fade available for Frames from 1 to 35 See Figure 18 Below
Vine thickness and angle-1
Figure 17 – Root frame with Vine thickness 44 and angle 307
Vine thickness and angle and Fade
Figure 18 – Root Frame Vine thickness 111 , angle 30 and fade 30
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