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Easily Create Actions in Photoshop to expedite repeated work. In this tutorial, You will see how to create Actions in Photoshop and use them to expedite repeated work.

Easily Create Actions in Photoshop to expedite repeated work. In this tutorial, You will see how to create Actions in Photoshop and use them to expedite repeated work. We shall also learn:

Why we need Actions?

  • The target behind using Actions in Photoshop is to automate repeated tasks to enhance your productivity
  • These tasks can be repeated across files or several time in a certain project.
  • In order not to get bored from tedious repetition, you record Actions and play them when you need them.
  • There is a couple of Important Notes when the recorded action works across different layers:Actions are specific, be aware if action is recorded with the layer position
  • Or, if it is recorded with the layer name
  • Both cases, Action when repeated will go to this specific layer name or position.
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Step 1, Create An Action

  1. If you don’t see the Actions Icon in your right panel, then go to menu>Windows>Actions Or Alt+F9 (Option for MAC)
  2. Create New Set of Actions, Give it a name e.g. “Trial”
  3. Create New Action, Give it a name e.g. “Trial-1” , press Record and recording will start
  4. Start Recording Actions for a previously generated Action (Whatever click you do or setting you make and select OK or press Enter -RETURN for MAC- will be recorded under “trial-1”
  5. End Recording, Trial-1 recording will end and it will remain empty for now
  6. Click on the action name “trial-1”, and press Play.. Action will start execution. NOTE: you should start from the layer or selection you need to apply this action for.
  7. If it is not working correctly or you have done using it, hit delete

Actions Panel

Step 2, Lets record an action and give it a try

  • Start by setting your work space
    • Insert any Background , menu>File>Place Embedded, and select any image from your library
    • Write 3 discrete texts, select Text from left panel Type-icon, Write what you like, press ctrl+enter (COMMAND+RETURN)
    • Go some where else in your work place and click and start writing then ctrl+Enter (COMMAND+RETURN)
    • Repeat it once more

  • Now start recording as in Step1-4, press on the record icon
  • First action we shall do will be bending one of our text. make sure that your text is selected to confirm use ctrl+v move-tool. Then select the Type tool Type - icon
  • Then press the Text bending tool text bending tool from the top tools menu, select an Arc Style for example and Press OK
  • Your first Action within Trial-1 is now recorded just after pressing OK
first action

  • Now, lets record a second action.
  • click on fx fx tool under the Layer panel and select Bevel and Emboss, add some styling and hit OK.
  • After you hit OK, you can see that next action is recorded
  • Now hit stop as in Step 1- 5
second action

Step 3, Play Action

  • From Layers Panel, select a different text layer
  • Select Actions Action Tool ,
  • Select Trial-1 action
  • Hit Play as in Step 1- 6
  • Now you can see that the same effect is applied to the second layer
replay action

Step 4, Add steps to your action

  1. Select Actions Action Tool , Select Trial-1 action and, select the step you want to add a new step after it
  2. Hit the record button
  3. Select the character side panel or menu>Windows>Character
  4. Set tracking for the selected character to something big as 600, it is the separation between characters
  5. Hit stop
add step
text letters separation
  1. Now you can see the step added in its position inside the action
  2. Select the 3rd text from the layers side panel
  3. Selection Actions Action Tool >Trial-1
  4. Hit Play
added step

Step 5, Adjust Delay time for Actions to track it while replaying i.e. for debugging

  1. After expanding the Actions panel by clicking on Action Tool , select the menu icon at its top right corner
  2. Select Playback Options from the drop down list
  3. Select Pause For
  4. Set Pause to the time that allows you to recognize the step
  5. hit OK
delay time for actions

Enjoy replaying the new Trial-1 action steps on the previous 2 layers after selecting them from the layers panel and

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