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Internal Design KG1: Replace Texture

In a previous video and tutorial we had seen how to edit a photo by inserting another photo using the frame tool. In this tutorial we shall know together how to replace texture of an element in an image.

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You can watch the procedure in the below video:

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First step, Select and isolate the element you want to edit
  • There are a lot of selection tools that we had covered in an earlier tutorial and video. You can check them in the links below:
  • We shall try first with the Object Selection Tool object-selection-tool.. It is helpful when the area to select is clear.
  • Use The add to select from the top menu to add the other elements you want to select. In our case, the remaining cushions
  • Drag over the new element, you add to your selection
  • After complete adding selections, go to menu>layer>New>New Layer via copy
Use Object Selection, for clear targets
Use add to selection
  • Then hide the original image layer using the eye-layer icon beside it and make sure you are at the new layer via copy by clicking on it in the layers side panel
  • Then menu>Windows>Styles
  • Navigate through it till reach fabrics or fur
  • Select a one that appeals to you and You will find that your cushions are on the new fabric
change Fabric from Styles
  • Once you had done this, you can find a list of styles added under your layer in the Layers side panel. Those are the Photoshop programmed styles for the fabric effect you had selected
  • You can click on any of them and tune it to reach an effect different from the original texture, Give your imagination the way!!
  • You can see here in Screenshot -1, we had added a gradient overlay and see an example of the result as below:
Auto added layer styles
Adding a Blue Gradient overlay with Blend Mode Dissolve

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