WordPress WordPress Tutorial

Step 1, Install WordPress

That’a where you will learn Step-By-Step how to install WordPress on your computer for offline preparation and excelling.

Let we install WordPress Step-By-Step

First things first, we need to understand what is WordPress? See “What is WordPress” post here.
Second, You need to install a local server like XAMPP
  1. You can get it from the apache friends website through this link
  2. Download the version matching to the operating system on the computer you are going to install WordPress locally on. It works for Windows, Linux, and OS X
  3. What is installed is the .exe installer. Click on it. If you are on Windows, you may be knocked by one or 2 Security popups to ensure that you are the one intentionally installing this software. Accept it to continue.
  4. Then click Next and you will be asked to select the components you want to install.
  5. The dimmed options are mandatory. phpMyAdmin is important for DataBase Management and File Zila will be needed to go online with big data
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Third, Download WordPress, use the following link
  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Save to c:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress
  3. c:\ xampp\htdocs, is a subfloder in your XAMPP installation which will house all your installations
  4. \wordpress. is the name of your local or offline site, change ‘wordpress’ to the name of your WordPress site that you will launch locally
Fourth, Create a DataBase
  1. Run XAMPP Control Panel
  2. Start Apache and MySQL
  3. Click on ‘Admin’ in the XAMPP control panel
  4. This will start phpMyAdmin in your browser
  5. Add the DataBase name that you will use in WordPress installation
  6. If you don’t intend to use special writing characters, select a basic character set as utf8-bin
  7. Hit create, voila, done
Fifth, Install WordPress
  1. In your browser, in the URL line insert: http://localhost/wordpress , where ‘wordpress’ is where you unzipped your WordPress download
  2. Browser will automatically start the installation and switch the URL to: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php
  3. Select your language and continue.

4. Next Window hit ‘Let’s Go’

5. Enter DB details as shown above where DataBase Name is where you installed WordPress

6. Hit Submit

  1. Next window hit ‘Run The Installation’
  2. You will prompt to enter the data that you will use to access the admin dashboard to set your WordPress and start writing posts and retrieve its password
  3. These data can be changed later on so don’t worry
  1. Hit ‘Install’
  2. You will receive a Success window
  3. Hit ‘Login’ and enter your username & password
  4. Congratulations, you have your word press running
A Brief of the installation procedure is already on but not detailed with photos as above. You can find it here
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