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Innovative drawing with words – Text – 2

Tricks in drawing with words:Define a new pattern. Write text, Chose color, background or transparent, Use bucket fill or, Use it as a stroke

In this quick tutorial we are going to see a ton of tricks in drawing with words:

  • Define a new pattern. Chose proper color, background or transparent
  • Use Pattern with bucket fill
  • Use Pattern as a stroke for shapes
  • Use Patterns to fill text
    In a previous tutorial we had seen how to paint with text. See it here :Draw with words – 1
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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Step 1, Define a new filling pattern

  • To define a pattern menu>Edit>Define Pattern
  • What ever on the screen will be defined as a pattern that can be used for filling areas, strokes and text, you can see this in Figure 1-1
  • Now, write a text on the screen in any font and color and use the rectangle selection tool rectangle marquee tool to draw a rectangular selection around it. Again menu>Edit>Define Pattern. As you can see in Figure 1-2, only the selected area is defined is a pattern
  • NOTE: The elliptical selection tool doesn’t work and the Define Pattern will be dimed
  • Now, Add a new layer, ctril+shift+n, Hide the default background color. Then select the text again by the rectangular selection tool. Now your patter is having only the text and background color. As in Figure 1-3. We shall go on with this pattern so name it Text Pattern and click OK to save it.
Figure 1-1
Figure 1-1
Figure 1-2
Figure 1-2
Figure 1-3
Figure 1-3

Step 2, Use Pattern with Paint Bucket or Fill Option

  • Using Pattern with Paint Bucket
  • Now make sure to deselect the areas of the pattern using ctrl+D
  • Go to the bucket filling option on the side tools bar Paint Bucket tool
  • From the top tool bar select pattern not foreground pattern fill sellection tool
  • There is an option menu beside it, click on it to select the pattern you want. You will find you pattern as the very bottom pattern fill selection tool-2
  • NOTE: in the layers Panel F7, make sure that the new layer we add in the previous step is selected. Then click any ware on it . You can see the result in Figure 2-1
Figure 2-1 bucket fill a layer
Figure 2-1 bucket fill a layer
  • Using Pattern with Fill Option (Shift+F5)
  • ctrl+Z to cancel the previous fill. or add a new layer ctrl+shift+n and hide the previous filled layer using the eyes icon beside it in the layers panel
  • Either click Shift+F5 or menu>Edit>fill
  • You will have a small menu opo up which will have the same last patter selection or you can select a different pattern. Click Ok using the default settings, you will have the same result as Figure 2-1
  • As You can see in Figure 2-2, There is one additional option in this tool which is the The Script, we shall cover it in a coming tutorial
Figure 2-2
Figure 2-2

Step3, Use Words/Text Pattern as a stroke for shapes

  • Any of the shapes in the shapes tools (Figure 3-1) as the rectangle, ellipse, line, polygon or custom shapes has a setting for the filling and a setting for the stroke. The Stroke is the outline of the shape.
  • Each of them can be set to a null (Transparent), Solid color, Gradient or a pattern. You can see the selection menu in figure 3-2
  • So, select the ellipse tool, Draw an ellipse, Select no color for fill and select our “WORDS” pattern for the stroke. Make the stroke size 50 px, that’s relevant to the 1000x1000px 72 px/in resolution I am using. Post-41 - Step 3 - Ellipse settings
  • While setting the stroke adjust the scale 50% as in Figure 3-2
  • Result will be as Figure 3-3. You can enjoy a variety of fillings by changing the scale from 10% to 200%.
shape tools
Figure 3-1 Shape Tools
Figure 3-3 ellipse-2
Figure 3-3
Shape - stroke-fill-settings-2
Figure 3-2

Step 4, Use Words Patterns to fill text

  • To write a text that can be filled go to the Horizontal Text Mask Tool text mask tool
  • Select a fleshy text like Blenny, you can downloaded from Adobe Fonts for free using your photoshop account
  • We shall set text to 250px that’s big relative to our 1000×1000 px 72px/in canvas
  • Make sure to select one of the background layers in the layers panel F7 and it is visible or create a new layer ctrl+shift+n
  • Use the Paint Bucket tool with the pattern filling as in Step 2 as in Figure 4-1
  • Click inside the selection
  • If you need to adjust the filling scale Use menu>Edit>Fill or Shift+F5
  • Make Sure to check the script and select Brick fill as in Figure 2-2
  • ON the next menu when you click OK set pattern scale (First item to 0.3)
  • Result will be as in Figure 4-2
Figure 4-1 Fill Text using the Paint Bucket and Pattern Fill
Figure 4-1 Fill Text using the Paint Bucket and Pattern Fill
Figure 4-2 Fill text using Fill Tool - Brick Script
Figure 4-2 Fill text using Fill Tool – Brick Script
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