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Here as we always commit, we tend to make it easier for you to improve the post SEO, The first step, what to watch for during normal writing..

A lot of videos and posts speak about SEO. There is a lot of data out there that intends t take you from zero to hero to Improve Post SEO. Many times you find a lot of steps and actions to do. Here as we always commit, we tend to make it easier for you to understand the concepts, which is your first step, then we shall grow step by step to Heros. You can find a youtube video telling this story here

But What is SEO? Why Do I need to Improve Post SEO?
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SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine is where you search for anything as Google, Yahoo, Ask, msn, bing, About, etc… And, You don’t optimize any of them but you optimize your own page, blog or website to be ranked on top of the search results when someone looks for a subject matching to what you are writing about.

There are few categories of optimization for your online presence we shall touch one of them only in this post. The one which we are going to speak about is the natural one that you use by default while writing and you don’t need to think about anything other than that what you are writing.

Search engines have some algorithms that they use to rate your website. Among them is how consistent, professional and adding value you can be to their customers who do the searching at their sites.

Natural start, Title

Of course, how attractive your title is, conveys your talent in content writing. But, search engines don’t look for that but looks how much it is used in your content whatever it is a page, a blog or a website. This shows the search engine that you are consistent all through the content.


Having subtitles, bolds, italics, shading etc.. draw the attention of your reader to certain important words and emphasize a piece of extra valuable information or a takeaway. It also structures your content and divides it into chunks digested by the visitor. That’s how search engines give you extra value for being knowledgable about what you write about

Internal links,

Those are links for extra information or resources on other pages within your website or other posts from your blog. it serves the same function that shows the search engine that this site contains a wealth of information and will be beneficial to the searcher. You can see how to insert links and where to find sharable links for your posts here at this instance of one of our channel videos and on this post

You can see here link, headings, and section titles
External Links

Those are links to extra resources outside your website, it can be to another blog, youtube channel, twitter account, website to download a useful tool or other links. Those links can be to your other social media platforms to share the traffic there.

Can I find help to optimize my SEO?

If you are using WordPress, you can find more than 3000 plugins that help you optimize your SEO, a good one of them is Yoast.

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