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Fly text through your door

This tutorial will add a new step to our series on the Picture Frame Filter where we had detailed how to set the Picture Frame Filter then we had followed it by a series of creative usages to create frame, Floral Garden entrances, doors, decorated doors, then we added an animation to open and close the door and change its lighting. This tutorial will allow you to fly a text through your door, place it and then close the doors. You can flow the complete links to the series in the following links:

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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

What we had covered so far:

  • In the previous tutorial: Open and Close a Stylish Door- Timeline Automation we had created an opening and closing door with change in the illumination of the door as it opens and close as in the GIF in Figure 1-1
  • We had created this project from scratch
    • Created a door frame
    • Added a door and decoration
    • Added an Image to appear when door opens
    • Animated the door opening and closing using Timeline transformation
GIF for open and close door
Figure 1-1 GIF from Previous Tutorial

Step 2, Separate a Layer to hide the text initial position

  • We can start the text from outside the image but it would be more fancy to let it start from the middle of the screen through the opening door. You can also start it from outside the image and synchronize its opacity to be 100% at the door entrance. All these are different ways. Based on practice separating the image to 2 layers and passing the text between them is more efficient.
  • We shall start by making a rectangular selection including the right side of the door frame as in Figure 2-1.
  • Since the door frame and background are on Different layers,
    1. Select the frame layer from the layers panel (You can reach layers panel by clicking F7), then ctrl+J to take this part of the frame into a new layer
    2. Then Select the Background layer and click ctrl+J again
    3. Select the 2 new layer by clicking on one of them, then hold ctrl and click the other one. Then right click any of them and select merge layers as in Figure 2-2
    4. Ensure that the new formed layer is on top of the frame and background as in Figure 4-3, other wise drag it on top of them, you can call it cover layer
Seelct frame right side and ackground
Figure 2-1
Figure 2-3
Figure 2-3
Post 38 - Figure 2-3
Figure 2-2

Step 3, Add Text

  1. Add the text you like. Then position it in the area of the cover layer we had generated in Step 2 above
  2. Drag this layer under the cover layer
  3. Drag Both the cover layer and the text layer just below the curves layer
Add text in the area of the cover layer
Add Text in the area of the Cover Layer
Position Text layer
Drag the Text Layer under the cover layer
Drag the Text and cover layers
Drag The Cover and text layers

Step 4, create timeline motion for the text

  1. From the time line we had created in the previous tutorial, select the text layer. If you can’t reach the time line menu>windows>Timeline,
  2. Click on the stop watch to record the initial position of the text
  3. While the Frame Indicator in the initial position a key frame will be recorded beside transform
  4. Drag the Frame Indicator to the middle
  5. Drag the text to the far end as Figure 4-2, click enter at the end position, a bew diamond will be added i.e. a new key frame
  6. Drag the indicator to the end position of the time line
  7. Drag the text to the center of the door and click enter, a new key fra,e will be recorded
  8. Click play and enjoy your work
Figure 4-3
Figure 4-3
Text Timeline creation
Figure 4-1, timeline creation steps steps
Figure 4-2
Figure 4-2
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