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Easily Turn an image into a Puzzle in Photoshop

In this Post we are going to see how to change our image into puzzle pieces. Easily Turn an image into a Puzzle in Photoshop.

Visual Step by step to Turn an Image into a Puzzle.
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Photoshop doesn’t only give you a puzzle texture but it actually cuts the image into puzzle pieces in different layers using its free puzzle maker “Free Puzzle Pieces”. This gives you complete freedom while working with the puzzle pieces. So, you can easily turn an image into a Puzzle in Photoshop

First, You need to download the add on from the following link
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  1. Click on the free blue button to the top right
  2. You will be asked to log in with you photoshop cc account
  3. Then, You will acquire the add on or click on free again
  4. A file will be downloaded to your download folder
  5. The file is a zipped file called: ””
  6. Unzip this file in any location you can remember e.g.
Adobe Free Puzzle Maker
Second, Set it up on your Photoshop
  1. From Photoshop Menu bar go to File>open
  2. Navigate to the folder where you had unzipped the downloaded file
  3. You need to look for a file named “Puzzle.atn”
  4. You will find it inside D:\Photoshop\ \puzzle_pieces_free\Puzzle Pieces, Where D:\Photoshop is where you unzipped the downloaded file ””
  5. Click open, It will take a few seconds to add the puzzle making actions to your actions menu
Third, Give it a try
  1. Go to menu>windows>Actions or Alt+F9
  2. This will open the Actions side
  1. Scroll till you find the different puzzle sizes
  2. Each group of puzzle pieces matches an aspect ratio of the original image
  3. To Know your image aspect ration go to menu>Image>Image size
  4. If you select any puzzle it will be fine but not that perfect regarding individual Pieces size
Select the number of pieces of the puzzle
Fourth, Run the Puzzle Action
  1. Hit Play underneath the puzzle number of pieces selection side menu
  2. The puzzle action will run in a new window and will create a number of layers matching to the puzzle pieces You had selected
  1. It will run for a few seconds based on the number of pieces you had selected
  2. Then It will give you the option to adjust the Bevel and Drop Shadow for all layers at once as part of the action
  3. This helps you set the border and effect of each puzzle piece
  4. While setting, It will show you the effect on the left uppermost piece
Hit Continue
uppermost left piece is a demo
After that, you are free to deal with each puzzle piece as a separate layer and apply any effect or transform as skew.

You can add other layers in between to give artistic effect.

You can see this in detail starting from this point in the video

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