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Easily Make a Magic selection

In this post, we are going to see how in Photoshop we can Easily Make a Magic selection, Use our selection in a FUN and PRO way and, how to refine the selection edges..

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In this post, we are going to see how in Photoshop we can Easily Make a Magic selection, Use our selection in a FUN and PRO way and, how to refine it. in Part I, we shall make a selection and in Part II, we shall refine the edges of our selection.

Part I, Make a Selection

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First Basic set of Selection Tools

Rectangular, Elliptical, single Row or column


Second, You can apply any selection tool to one layer and the selection is valid for all layers in your project.

Selection-available-on-another -layer
The Same selection is available on another layer to act upon.

Third, You can use your selection to cut a selection, delete a filling or make a filling on any layer Just you need to select the proper layer by clicking on it and it appears highlighted in the layers panel to the right


Fourth, Activate the automatic selection Tool after embedding an image containing text as a challenge for selection tools.

Fifth, Select the imbedded text image.


The result won't be a perfect selection for all the words due to the distraction of the photoshop selection algorithm associated with the Object Selection Tool.

HINT, Hide the distracting layers, the colored and photo one and leave just a white background and repeat the Object Selection. This time text selection is coming perfect.

Sixth, While text selected,

  • select the Image layer on the layers side panel,
  • rasterize this layer from menu>layer>Rasterize.
  • HIT delete
  • ctrl+D to deselect any selected thing
  • Voila, text cut from the image
Let it go wild with your imagination in using this tool across layers and mixing the effects, see the result here in the youtube video at 8:00 on timeline

Part II, Refine the Selection edges


First, we shall select a photo with somehow complex elements to separate

Second, We shall apply the Object Selection Tool to one element we need to separate

Third, you can add or reduce the are selected from the top menu bar


Again add or reduce any areas you want by selecting them

Fourth, After refining, you can go to Layer>New>New Layer via Copy, to isolate the selected part in a new layer

Fifth, Examine the edges of the selected element. If you are not satisfied with it you can simply refine it. from menu Select>Select & Mask. If you want the legacy "Refine Edge" settings hold shift button before selecting "Select & Mask" from Select meny

Sixth, Photoshop algorithms will rework on refining the edge of the selection based on the settings of radius (auto), smooth, feather, contrast.

smooth-edge-after refine

NOTE: These settings vary based on the selection. Those for a rose differ from hair or face. And, it differs based on your preference for the contrast is it sharp or not. Too sharp contrast will not make the selection blending with new backgrounds

Finally, you get a PRO selected rose

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