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Easily Create Leather Imprints using Photoshop

In this Tutorial we are going to learn how to create Leather imprints using Photoshop. It includes:

  • How to clean a piece of leather
  • Use the Type mask tool
  • Why to use the Transform Selection?
  • How to tune the shape, depth and color of the imprint using the Bevel & Emboss Tool
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You can watch a live video for these steps below or in this link

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How to clean a piece of leather?
  • There is no one answer or solution to anything we want to do.
  • In case that you want to use a piece of leather in your project whether you captured its photo or downloaded it from an open source as
  • You need to preserve the texture of the leather and its color tone.
  • We preferred in this tutorial to use the clone tool for those reasons.Clone tool clone tool can be found from the side tools menu
    1. Select the part of the leather you want to copy to the damaged holding Alt + click on the healthy part or the source
    2. Then click on where you want to copy this cloned area
    3. Be aware that the direction you will use in the first print process is preserved by Photoshop i.e. if you cloned an area to the right of the damaged area then print it in the new location by clicking over it
    4. Every next click to cover a new area, Photoshop will clone an area relative to the first time i.e. from the left of the new location and at same distance as the first clone process
    5. The (+) denotes where this area is copied from
    6. After Cleaning the leather press ctrl+j to duplicate the leather layer and call it background
select clone
Original circle to copy
Alt + Click
Original Selection
Click where you want to repeat the cloned area from first step
Apply clone
Be aware, each click copies an area relevant to its position as the first click was relative to the area cloned
Use the Type mask tool
  • Type Mask Tool text mask tool allows you to write in the preferred Font and size but your words are actually an empty selection of what you had written on the layer you are at while using the Type mask Tool
Write text using Text Mask Tool
Text typed using the Text Mask Tool
Why do we need to use Transform Selection?
  • After Printing the text you need to move it, size it, center it, warp it.
  • But the printed text here is a selection and has the selection area properties, so you can not edit t using the normal transformation and type edit tools
  • If you directly move it, you will find its location is cut from the layer where it was printed.
  • Instead use menu>Select>Transform Selection
text cut in background
Unintended cut in leather due to moving text mask without using menu>Select>Transform Selection
  • After using menu>Select>Transform Selection, you can move, rotate, scale and do whatever you want with the Type Mask
  • You can find that the top Tools menu is now changed to the Free Transform menu, near its end to the right, you will find the Warp Modes Icon warp tool icon
  • To bend the text, click on the Warp Modes Icon warp tool icon, it will open the top tools menu for the warp
    1. The Text Mask will be surrounded by the normal Warp handles, you can use them or
    2. Beside Warp, click the drop down menu arrow
    3. Select Arc
    4. Size you arc and drag it to the location you want
Warp modes
Size arc
How to tune the shape, depth and color of the leather imprints using the Bevel & Emboss Tool?
  • Now hit delete to cut the text in the leather layer and Press ctrl+d to deselect the Text Mask
  • You will find that nothing occurs and Leather appears intact
  • Click the eye-layer icon beside the back ground layer to make it invisible, we create it in step one, if you had made this edits on the background layer, no problem make it visible again and hide the Leather layer
  • Drag the area with text cutting on top of the intact leather layer in the side layers panels
layers panel -2
Layers side panel
  • Return both layers visible using the eye-layer
  • Now, while on the layer with text cutting click the fx icon under the layers panel or menu>Layer>Styles>Bevel Emboss
  • The settings used here are only for guide, you can reach the effect you want by altering the following settings
    1. Type of Bevel
    2. Depth
    3. Size
    4. Color of Shades
    5. Color of Highlights
  • You can see each one in action in the video of this tutorial here
  • Further selection Tutorials here
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final Leather
Final Result based on settings below
Bevel settings Leather
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