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Draw with words – 1

In this quick easy tutorial we shall see how to draw with words using a brush tip made out of words. How to use a word as an innovative brush tip

In this quick easy tutorial we shall see how to draw with words using a brush tip made out of words:

  • Create a brush tip using a word or more
  • Adjust brush settings to draw clear words
    • spacing
    • angle
    • color
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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Create A Brush Tip

  • Type the word you want to draw with using the type tool Type - icon. Adjust the font type and text size from the top tool bar. Then click ctrl+Enter or the check mark at the end of the top tool bar check-mark
  • NOTE: In the same word you can write using different font types and sizes if you change the as you type as in Figure 1-1
  • Then use the select tools Object Selection Tool object-selection-tool or the Quick Selection tool quick selection tool to select the letters
  • Then, menu>edit>Define Brush Preset
  • NOTE: Make sure to deselect using ctrl+d anf use F7 to see the layers panel and select the layer you want to draw on
  • Try drawing using your brush, you will get a result similar to Figure 1-2
Figure 1-1 - different fonts
Figure 1-1
First Drawing using Love brush
Figure 1-2

Adjust Brush settings to draw clear words

  • From the top Tool bar, you can adjust the size of the brush and then you can open the Brush Setting Panel as in Figure 2-1
  • From the Brush settings panel at its center you can see the Angle setting and near the bottom, you can see spacing. As in figure 2-2
  • By default Angle is 0 and spacing is 10%, You can see different combinations in Figure 2-3
  • You can Use to draw free shapes. To draw a straight line click at a position then hold shift and click on the end point of the line
  • You can change the color of the brush by changing the foreground color White foreground color click on the white square and click on the color you want
Figure 2-3 change angle and spacing
Figure 2-3 Different Angle and spacing settings
Brush Settings-1
Figure 2-1
Figure 2-2 - Brush settings
Figure 2-2 Brush Settings
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