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Easily Create an innovative Brush Tip

Step-By-Step guide on how to create an innovative Brush Tip and use it creatively to design as a PRO

In this tutorial, we shall see simple steps to Easily Create an innovative Brush Tip from an image or any selection.

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1. Select the Custom Shape Tool from the side panel, it is in the same location as the rectangle and oval shape tools

Shape tool location


2. Select any Shape from Shape tool standard shapes, let we select one of the flowers. No filling is selected and a 5 px outline. The shape is in a100x100px virtual square.

Note: Do not worry about the color of the shape, the brush tip will come in the foreground color selected each time you start using it.


3. Then, use the object selection tool to select the shape that we have inserted. Use the tool to drag a square around the shape and it will select the shape inside it fitting perfectly to its outline


4. After That, From the Edit Menu, select the Define Brush Preset

5. Name your brush, so you can return to the name when selecting the brush


6. Select the Brush tool

Note 1: Press ctrl+d for windows to deselect the shape. Otherwise, everything you make will be subject to the selected area only.

Note 2: Remember to select a foreground color different from the background color. This will be the color of your brush strokes.


7. Select Brush settings as the image below. It will open the menu to the side.


Position 1 is where you select your brush tip

Position 2 is where you size your brush tip

Position 3 is where you set the difference between each imprint of the brush tip

Position 4 is where you can see the gap between brush touches even if you scroll continuously

This how it will look on your image


8. FInally, Increasing the spacing to 100% will increase the distance between each imprint of the brush to 100% of the shape of the brush tip so, they will appear as separate aligned objects. You can also change the size of each shape from the size option. This gives a margin to generate creative ideas .

Bonus: Create a professionally detailed output as you see in this part of the video


9. We had used this idea to generate a brush tip as part of a road, keeping spacing as 100 % and used it to draw the roads in the below tweet

Image: Planning The right path



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