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Beginners Guide to Photoshop: Return Life to an Image in a couple of minutes

Sure, when we have a powerful tool as Photoshop on our computer or in our mobile phone we look to have quick wins just when we start using it. What’s better than returning life to an image that looked great to your eyes but did not appear that great after shooting.

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In this Tutorial we are going to learn how to quickly tune an image to look great in a couple of minutes:

  1. Use Camera Raw Filter for Photoshop 2020
  2. Basic settings
  3. Detail Tuning
  4. Adding a Vignetting / Vinyete
  5. Adding double effect and extra enhancement

Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Step 1, Using Camera Raw Filter

  • Open your Image in Photoshop
  • Duplicate your image using ctrl+j (Command+j) or right click the image and select Duplicate
  • Hide your original layer using eye-layer and make sure you select the duplicate layer
  • Go to menu>Filter>Camera Raw Filter

Step 2, Basic Settings

  1. Click the Cycle between before and after to get the 2 images side by side
  2. Make sure that you are on the basic settings page
  3. Scroll Down a little to the vibrance settings appear
  4. Click Auto, that’s Photoshop Auto Algorithms adjust you photo. NOTE: Its adjustment guides you which settings needs more care
  5. Push the contrast a little up to show more the details. NOTE: Usually you add a little to the Auto Photoshop adjustment
  6. Highlights and shadows pops up the mid tones between whites and blacks
  7. Increase white to add light to your image
  8. Decrease Black to create a clear difference between whites and blacks
  9. Increase clarity to reduce the filter effects from you camera or environment
  10. Same for Dehaze, it removes camera blur and dust or fog
  11. Since give the flowers a little more vibrance
Basic settings

Step2 , Detail tuning

  1. Click on the details Icon
  2. Increase the sharpening a little
  3. Increase the luminance Noise Reduction
detail settings

Step 4, Applying Effects

  1. Select the Effects icon
  2. On The Post Crop Vignetting, You shall find the Amount at zero (0)
  3. The other settings and style are dimmed (Midpoint, roundness and feather) till you move the pointer to the positive or negative side
vinyet effect settingd
  1. Now when you move the Amount slider to the left,
  2. Dark Corners appears at the 4 corners of the image Giving the effect of a post card , that’s the Vignette or vinyet effect, literal meaning is a picture that shades off (or ON) gradually into the surrounding paper
  3. When you decrease feather to zero, the shape of the vignette is hard not gradual,
  4. When roundness goes to -100 to the left, it turns to square and +100 to the right gives a complete circle
  5. The Mid point setting controls the radius of the focus circle in the center
  6. The Highlights lightens the top of the image
vinyet effect settings

Step 5, Adding double effect and extra enhancement

  • After Applying the camera raw filter and the vignette effect, hit OK and you returned the life back to your image
  • To enhance it more, go to menu>Filter>Camera Raw Filter again and from Basics click on Auto again.
  • This is additional enhancement starting from the last point
  • Now to apply double Vinyet, go to Effects again as in Step 4. And move the Amount slider totally to the right to add a white vinyet.
  • Result as in Image to the right
Double Vinyet
Double Vignette

Before and after
Before and after Camera raw filter and Dark vignette
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