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Beginners Guide to Photoshop: Quick Artistic effects using Lighting Effects Filter

In this tutorial, we shall see together how quickly we can add an artistic effect to images using:

  • Smart Filters
  • Light Effect Filter
  • Preset Photoshop Filters
  • Texture Height
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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Step 1, Smart Filters

  • Smart Filters are very helpful to create a container together with our image that contains all the filters we shall apply
  • This allows us to enable the filter or disable it and to edit it individually not to add the image itself
  • To apply it, go to menu>filter>Convert for smart filter
  • Like this any filter added will be added a s layer that can be enabled or disabled
smart filter appplied

Step 2, Light Effects Filter

  • From menu>Filter>Render>Light Effects Filter
  • This will open a new window
    1. To the left, you shall find the Source selection
    2. Source properties Panel
    3. Below it, yo will the sources applied already
      NOTE: Those are the last sources used, at least one should be there
    4. At the top tools bar, A preset tap, contains the PRESET filters from Adobe
light filter settings
presets -light filter
5. Add Spot Light , 6. Add Point Source, 7. Add Infinite source, 8. Reset source settings, 9. Apply light filter and return to Layers view

Step 3, Preset Photoshop Filters

  • These Presets are predefined from Photoshop
  • When you click on any of them, its light sources (usually multiple ) are loaded to the sources panel (step 2 – 3)
  • Click on each source, then you can change its settings from the the source properties (Step 2 – 2)
  • After customizing the sources you can save the total presets as a new Preset from the end of the preset drop menu
  • Give it a name and then you can Load it again
Presets from Photoshop

Step 4, Texture Height

  • Photoshop displays images as RGB layers, Red, Green and blue Layer (you can understand this more by going to channels menu>window>Channels)
  • When on the channels layers switch ON/OFF the visibility eye-layer of each color to see the effect of tits absence on the image
    1. The texture effect gives you the option to select a channel layer of one of the basic colors to change the height of its pixels relative to the other pixels in the image
    2. Choose Green as an example
    3. Change the height to the extremes +100 to -100 to see the effect and stop as you like it will change your image to give a great effect as below Steps
channels panel
Channels Panel
Texture settings
original Image
Original Image
Flood Light presetted effect
Flood Lighting Effect filter added
Green texture Height 100
Green Texture of height +100 added
3 down green texture height 10
Lighting Effect changed to 2 Down and green texture to +7
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