Beginners Guide to Photoshop: Photoshop Express Quick PRO Image Edits

In this Tutorial we shall learn together how to make quick repairs for our images after capturing them directly from the mobile phone using Photoshop Express.

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Whether you are a subscriber for Adobe Creative cloud or not, you can download Photoshop Express and use it fully. I had gave it a trial using even an old HTC one mobile which is not linked to my cc account. It works fine as a PRO. I believe this is equally valid for iOS users.

So what we are going to see here is how we can:

  • What is Photoshop Express? And How to use it?
  • Where to find Photoshop Camera Raw Filter?
  • Where to start from?
  • What is the different between the Free Photoshop Express and the Photoshop Creative cloud subscription?

We had made similar quick adjustments to return life to our image using Photoshop 2020 in this tutorial if you like to return to it: Beginners Guide to Photoshop: Return Life to an Image in a couple of minutes

Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Step 1, What is Photoshop Express?

  • Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image editing available on iOS and Android
  • You can see the options available in the screen shot to the right
    1. Photoshop Auto adjustment click to turn ON – OFF
    2. Switch between original and modifeied image
    3. Return edits one step Back or Advance one step forward
    4. Loaded Image for edit
    5. Near 100 styles predefined from Photoshop for quick edit
    6. Trial Effects, contains PRO effects of rain drops, and light reflections
    7. Crop to social media apps image requirements or any custom settings
    8. Corrections, where are all the Adobe CC Camera Raw filter settings exist
    9. Remove blemish
    10. Remove Red / Pet eye
    11. Add Text and adjust, font and color
    12. Add pre-made stickers
    13. Add edges and frames
    14. Thumbnails of the preset effects under the selected tap, example here is for Frames/ Basic
    15. Sub menu for frames to expedite navigation
PS Express App Icon
Workspace details
workspace icons - 2

Step 2, Where to find Photoshop Camera Raw Filter? in Photoshop Express Mobile App

  1. All settings of Camera Raw Filter of Photoshop cc or 2020, can be found under the correction Icon
  2. Swipe between the different settings
  3. Sub groups of the settings for easy navigation
  4. Slide bar to adjust each setting
  5. That includes sharpen, contrast, whites and blacks, Clarity and Dehaze , Vignette effect
  6. Additionally it includes the Blur filter,
corrections settings

Step 3, Where to start from? And How to use it?

  1. I recommend to start from the crop tool
    • It has the option to crop the image to the correct size for Instagram, facebook and twitter and many other social media apps
    • Even, It has presets for the individual image size inside each app, as YouTube Channel art or videos thumbnail and Twitter post or header
    • And you have custom sizes that you can freely tune the photo.
    • When you have the look after cropping, styling will be more relevant
  2. Then You go to corrections as in Step 2 above
  3. After that the preset effects from Photoshop Express as the Beta effects 6), Text (11), stickers (12) and Frames (13)
  4. Lastly, you have the option to save it to your device, share to any social media or share it with other Photoshop cloud mobile apps that you are subscribed to for more PRO edits
Crop Tool Presets
Crop Tool Presets
Save or share Icons
Save or Share Icon

Step 4, What is the different between the Free Photoshop Express and the Photoshop Creative cloud subscription?

Simply, For quick photo edits from the mobile, Photoshop Express is great. Plus, it comes loaded with presets, stickers and frames and even Text suggests. Try it from here.

While the Photoshop cloud subscription, Gives you the freedom and professional effects. Example in Express you have here one Blur effect while, in Creative cloud you have endless settings. The more important feature is the selection tools in the Creative clod and the ability to apply edits only to the selections. Also the idea of layers and smart filters makes your repeated edits and modifications and comparison between them much easier. Try it here

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