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Animation using Mask movement

In this tutorial we are going to build an animation project. We shall see how to:

  • Write a Text Style it using clipping mask and Style tools
  • Hide your text
  • Add a mask and Learn how masks can hide or reveal what is behind it
  • How to separate mask from Layer and move it over its layer
  • Then, link Mask Movement to the video time line
  • Bonus, Create sparkling golden stars
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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

First Step, Write a Text Style it using clipping mask and Style tools

  • We had done this step in previous tutorials and videos. Even in this tutorial (Click to go to it) we had created an Action for it.
  • Any how the manual steps are here:
    1. We start with a file 1000X1000px, 72 px/inch for resolution
    2. Fill your background with a white color #ffffff
    3. Choose any background, embed it in your file menu>File>Place Embedded
    4. Hit T or select Type - icon from your left side panel (Tools Panel)
    5. Write the text you like, then click ctrl+enter (Command+Return) to exit the edit mode or writing mode
    6. Resize your Text then center it in the canvas
    7. Postpone the styling till after adding the clipping mask
    8. Hide the embedded image layer eye-layer for now and keep the white background
    9. Zoom in using ctrl+alt+(+)
    10. Use one of the selection tools as the Object Selection object-selection-tool and drag over the text. Refine your selection by adding to it or subtracting from it.
    11. Then Expand your selection with 4 px using menu>Select>modify>expand. (You can increase or decrease this number based on the styles you added to you text and how far it is expanded beyond the the characters. Sometimes it is faint that the selection tool won’t get it)
    12. Then return the Background or embedded image layer using the eye-layer and select it. Hit ctrl+j (Command+j)
    13. Remove the new created layer above the Text Layer
    14. Write click on it and select create a clipping mask
    15. Select the text layer and Apply Bevel and Emboss and add internal and external strokes from the menu>layer>Layer Style or fx tool below the layers menu
selected text
Selected Text
applied clipping mask
Clipping mask applied and layers arranged
Styled Texts
Bevel Style- post 19
Bevel Style
inside stroke post 19
Inside Stroke
outside stroke post 19
Outside Stroke

Second Step, Hide your text. Note:You can skip this step and add the mask directly to the text layer

  • Now hit ctrl+0 (zero) to resize view to fit screen
  • Use the Rectangle Marquee tool rectangle marquee tool from the tool side panel and draw a rectangle over all the text
  • Select The color or image Background layer that you have embedded
  • hit ctrl+j (Command+j)
  • Drag this layer above the text and clipping mask
  • Your text will disappear for now
rectangle selection
Rectangle selection
layers arranged
layers arranged

Step three, Add a mask and Learn how masks can hide or reveal what is behind it

  1. Select the new added layer, the rectangle selected from the color/image background
  2. From the Layers below at the very bottom select the mask icon
  3. It will add a white square beside your image layer
  4. The mask is in White color, so when it is added nothing changes
  5. Set the foreground color to black or return to default using the small icon underneath it, you can toggle foreground and background colors by hitting x
  6. Select the normal brush tool
  7. Paint over the middle of the canvas
  8. The covering layer disappears as you paint
  9. In Conclusion the black color in the mask as if it deletes the image it is masking and the white reveals it
foreground color and brush tool
black brush on mask
black brush on mask
text appear under black brushed mask
text appear under black brushed

Step Four, How to separate mask from Layer and move it over its layer

  • Now, Go to the paint bucket tool from the side tool panel and click over the middle of you drawing, you will find the mask color is black and your text is revealed
  • Then Click on the link icon between the mask and layer
  • Select The black mask by clicking over it
  • Hit v or click the move tool move-tool
  • Resize the mask from top and bottom to keep it around the text (optional)
  • Then use the the right or left arrows to move the mask to the right or left. You can add Shift key to the arrow to speed the movement
  • The text appears as you drag the mask
  • Drag the Mask completely outside the canvas to prepare for the next step
black mask unlink
Black filled mask and link ion
dragged mask thumbnail
dragged mask thumbnail
partially dragged mask
partially dragged mask

Step Five, link Mask Movement to the video time line

  • menu>windows>timeline
  • Click on create video time line
  • NOTE: IF selection is not working you are missing and ENTER or RETURN to end the previous action so hit ENTER
  • Make sure that you are on the mask layer from the layers panel and the mask is selected
  • The mask is now white as it is totally dragged out of the layer
  • On The time line:
    1. Make sure that mask is totally dragged out
    2. Select Layer 2 which is the layer its mask will be animated
    3. Select Layer Mask Position
    4. Click on the little time beside it
    5. The first Key frame will be inserted on the time line
    6. Drag the timeline pointer to the end of the time line
    7. Drag your mask fully over the canvas till all text is revealed
    8. You will find that a new key frame is auto added
    9. Hit Play and enjoy
video timeline start
video timeline end

Step Six, Bonus, Create sparkling golden stars

  • Add Polygon using the polygon tool
  • From the top tools settings bar set the following:
    • Stroke and color to yellow
    • sides to 5
    • other settings as in the screen shoot to the side
  • Then menu>windows>Styles and select the Legacy Styles>2019 Styles/metallic style
  • IF you can’t find the legacy styles, watch this video to reveal it
add polygon star
star settings
metalic style and legacy styles
twinkle star time line
Create the golden star twinkling time line as the Steps below:
  1. Select the Polygon layer in the bottom video time line panel
  2. Move the frame pointer time line to frame 0.0
  3. Move the beginning point of the polygon time line to frame 0.0
  4. click the small timer icon beside Opacity, this will record the first key frame with 100% opacity
  5. Move the pointer to 15 f
  6. Change polygon layer opacity to zero% from the layers panel
  7. Automatically a new key frame will be recorded
  8. Move the pointer to 0:1 sec
  9. Change polygon layer opacity to 100% from the layers panel
  10. Automatically a new key frame will be recorded
  11. Repeat these 3 steps once more after 15 more frames
  12. Now right click the last key frame mark, select all, then copy,
  13. Drag the pointer 15 frame forward, right click on the last key frame icon and Paste
  14. Repeat this to fill the time line as long as you want

To create other stars follow the following steps:

  1. Right click on the polygon layer and duplicate it
  2. Name the new layer star 2 and make sure it is only selected
  3. In the time line expand the Star 2 components, you will find the the opacity animation time line is copied
  4. Right click the first frame, select all
  5. Drag the first key frame, all key frames will be moved
  6. Stop while between the first 2 frames of the original polygon
  7. NOTE: If any of these icons is yellow ON click on it to switch it OFF. If any 2 rows of key frames are Yellow ON at the same time check that their layers are not both selected
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as the number of stars you want and make the position of first key frame random
create more stars
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