Add Pro styling to videos to create GIF

In this tutorial we are going to:

  • Embed a video in a file to control its size
  • Add a mask to a copy of the video
  • Add an element between the 2 videos
  • Animate the element motion style
  • Hold the last element position
  • Add A mask if needed
  • Convert to GIF
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Before the detailed steps, if you like, You can watch a step by step video below. For any clarification or comment fill the form to the side and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Step 1, Embed a video in a file to control its size

  • Since our target is to create a GIF, so we shall embed our video in a controlled canvas size
  • Photoshop algorithms converts the video keeping its aspect size
  • Delete the background layer
  • Then menu>Image>Trim, select transparent pixels and all direction
  • Your video will be right sized
Trim settings

Step 2, Add a mask to a copy of the video

  • While on the video layer hit ctrl+j (COMMAND+j) to duplicate it
  • While on the new layer, click the mask ion mask icon at the bottom of the layers panel or menu>Layer>LayerMask>Reveal all, to add a mask to the video
  • The mask appears as a white square linked to the video copy
  • It is white because it reveals all
  • Painting on it with a black brush will mask or make transparent the area we brush
  • Adjusting the brush opacity from the top tools setting bar will make a partial clearing of the area
  • Painting with any other color will clear this color from the layer
  • We explained this in details in this previous tutorial Click to review:Animation Using Mask Movement
  • In This Tutorial we are going to use the Blending Options
    1. Hide the original video layer by clicking the eye-layer and make sure to select the copy layer on the top
    2. From menu>Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options
    3. Make sure that “Blend If ” is on Grey,
    4. Go to this layer blend bar
    5. Move the black pointer inside towards the white to hide the blacks of this layer
    6. Result is as shown
blend step 1
blend steps 2-5
blend results

Step 3, Add an element between the 2 videos

  • You can add a vector graphic, an Image or Text
  • We shall text for sake of demonstration
  • Hit T or select the type icon Type - icon tool
  • Enter the text you prefer (Style it using fonts and Style options (Refer to this tutorial How to use a ……..)
  • hit ctrl+enter (Command+RETURN) then V
  • Resize the text to be within the erased area of the video
  • Drag it to the bottom, outside the working canvas
  • If the text layer is not between the 2 videos, drag it there
drag down

Step 4, Animate the element motion And Style

  • If the video options window is not on the screen go to menu>windows>Time line
  • Select Create video Timeline
  • To adjust the length of the layers on the time line, go to the end of each time line and when you see drag the video end till the duration you want. Make sure all duration are equal
  • Animate The text Layer
    1. Select Text text Layer
    2. Click the stop watch icon beside the transform
    3. A Key frame will be inserted for the initial position of the text under the video
    4. Drag the Video pointer to the end of the video
    5. Move the text to the final position
    6. A new Key frame will be added tot he time line
    7. Hit the play button to test its motion
    8. You can add a style change from the style timeline under text
    9. Drag the Video frame pointer to the position you want it to start from
    10. Then click the stop watch beside style
    11. Drag the pointer to the end position
    12. Add the style you want as Outer glow from menu>Layer>Layer Style>Outer glow
    13. When you hit OK, a new instance will be recorded
text timeline 1-6
Text TimeLine step 5
opacity timeline

Step 5, Hold the last element position

  • Now to hold the last position before repeating the GIF rewind,
    1. Extend the text time line by dragging its end using extend icon
    2. Click The frame transform key frame addition
    3. It will be added at athe end
    4. Click The style Key fram addition
    5. It will be added at the end
    6. Extend the the videos time line
Add end pause

Step 6, Add A mask if needed

  • IF there are still some water splashes over the text at the final position that you donot like, add a mask to the top video layer and use black paint brush to remove the water drops in the area you want to clear
  • Make sure that the upper video layer is selected
  • We explained this in details in this previous tutorial Click to review:Animation Using Mask Movement

Step 7, Convert to GIF

  • Go to menu>File>Export>Save for web(Legacy)
  • This process is CPU extensive so it may take some time so have some patience
  • Image size has an Impact over the GIF file size
  • Original size is was 1000X543pixel, resulting in 47MB GIF.
  • If we decrease to 50% it will end up in 12MB GIF
GIF full size
GIF half size 12MB
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