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3D Cylinder from any surface

Draw 3D cylinder from any Surface in an easy step by Step procedure. Imprint the Text or shape you like over it. Then convert it to 2D and style it.

In this tutorial, we shall see how to Using Photoshop to Create Innovative Cylinders from any surface:

  1. Select a surface
  2. Add an Imprint
  3. 3D Cylinder creation
  4. 3D to 2D conversion
  5. Adding cylinder edge
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To watch a video of this procedure, you can watch it below or in this link

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Step 1: Select a surface for the cylinder
  1. Open the image you want set as the cylinder Surface. Cylinder dimensions will depend on the image size. Go to Step 3 Or,
  2. Set a work space with the height you want for your cylinder, width will be rolled into the circumference of the cylinder
  3. Place Embed the image that you want to be the surface of your cylinder from menu>File>Place Embedded
  4. Make sure to stretch the image to fill the workplace, otherwise part of the cylinder surface will be transparent
Incomplete surface
Incomplete surface will create incomplete Cylinder
incomplete cylinder
Incomplete Cylinderplace
Step 2, Add an Imprint
Wood Imprint
Step 3, 3D Cylinder creation
  • Merge the Background, Text ans clipping mask into one layer by selecting them all using ctrl+click or command+click. Then right click on the selection and chose Merge Layers
  • Keep the background alone
  • Then menu>3D>New Mesh From Layer>Mesh Preset<Cylinder
  • To be know how to move the 3D object to better view it, please check this tutorial
  • If you want to change the lighting of your object
    1. Select 3D from the side panel (beside Layers) or menu>windows>3D
    2. Click the light bulb at the bottom, chose New Point Source
    3. The New Light source will be added
3D Light Add
3D Cylinder
3D Cylinder
Step 4, 3D to 2D conversion
  • Use the Object Selection Tool object-selection-tool to select the vies of the 3D cylinder you like after moving, rotating and zoom in it using the 3D Move Tools
  • Then ctrl+J or Command+J to create a new layer of the view you selected. Then make the 3D layer invisible using the eye-layer in the layers side panel
2D image captured from 3D view
2D Layer captured from 3D view
Step 5, Adding cylinder edge

As the cylinder Generated in this tutorial has no depth, You might see its 2D version not clear enough. So we shall add an edge with the same looking

  1. Select The elipse tool
  2. Choose blank Fill
  3. Choose 5 px width of its frame
  4. Select Stroke drop down menu
  5. Click the color selector
  6. When the color pallet is open move outside it and click any color of the cylinder you prefer for the edge
  7. Drag the mouse over the cylinder edge to draw the edge elipse then click V to size it and place it in position.
Steps to add edge
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